If you’ve been collecting vinyl records, you’ll eventually come across ones that have gaps or scratches in the middle of the record. Then, you’d probably blame the quality of the vinyl or the factory that produces them. However, most vinyl records have these imperfections because of what you’re not doing right. Here are a few reasons why your vinyl record isn’t playing smoothly.

It’s out of the jacket for too long

Every vinyl record comes with its jacket, and a lot of people would neglect these jackets. They’d put the records in a plastic album, or just expose them outside for too long. The most common mistake is leaving the vinyl record on the turntable after playing it. It should go straight back into the jacket once it’s done playing because dust can quickly accumulate on the surface when it doesn’t spin. You won’t be able to see the dust or dirt, but it’s there, and it will ruin your records.


You don’t clean them properly

You should never clean vinyl records with a regular cloth. Not even a microfibre cloth is adequate to clean it. There are special brushes designed for cleaning vinyl records sold in vinyl record stores. This is the only tool you should clean your vinyl with. You should also get the cleaning spray that you spray on before brushing the vinyl, as it removes dust and bacteria on the vinyl. Clean your vinyl records once every six months to maintain its lifespan and quality.

You’re stacking them

Vinyl records should be stored upright on a shelf, and not stacked on each other. This is because the added pressure can decrease the quality of the records, you might not see it, but it will, over time, bend. You should also keep the records from slanting, as this risks the vinyl records falling and end up stacking on each other. You can buy one of those shelf dividers for books to keep your vinyl records standing upright.