Paolo Campana // Vinylmaniafilm’s Director
First Vinyl Record: Video Killed the Radio Star 7″ – The Buggles


Paolo Campana was born in 1968 in Turin, Italy. Film and documentary maker, Paolo has already made a number of personal films selected in Italian and foreign festival. He made his first short in 35mm in 1996, a tribute to the Bloody Sunday’s day. In 2007-08 Paolo worked for the Italian public channel RAITRE directing short films for the children’s show “Screensaver”. Paolo has worked extensively as camera-operator and editor. Currently he’s working as a DJ-performer under a number of different names.

Edoardo Fracchia // Vinylmaniafilm’s Producer & Official Chauffeur
First Vinyl Record: Volare 7″ – Domenico Modugno


Born in August 1953, Turin – Italy, where he graduated in Medicine. In 1984, together Elena Filippini and Stefano Tealdi, he founded Stefilm. Since 1988 he has produced several international documentaries. Among them is Mostar United (Italy, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain, Finland, Switzerland) which was selected at the IDFA Amsterdam 2008.

Gabriele Bramante // Vinylmaniafilm’s Music Consultant
First Vinyl Record: Uh!? He doesn’t remember


Gabriele Bramante, born 1966, started getting involved in music in the early 80’s within the punk-rock scene as a drummer with several bands. In 1988 he founded Wide Records, one of the leading italian independent record companies, both a label that launched Zu, One Dimensional Man (Il Teatro Degli Orrori),, and – for many years – exclusive italian distributor for labels like Matador, Touch & Go, Dischord, Drag City, Domino, Thrill Jockey, Secretly Canadian, Morr Music, Basic Channel, Rephlex, and many more. Over the years, he covered the duties of A&R, label manager, sales director, buyer.

As an eclectic manager with a vision – whose musical interests span from black music to electronic, from indie-rock to avantgarde – and a music junkie, he never stopped chasing and trading records. He currently lives in Turin.

Marco Torrisi // Vinylmaniafilm’s Soundman and Technician
First Vinyl Record: Something’s Going On 7″ – Frida


Marco was born in Asti in 1982. He studied sound engineering and sound recording and worked in sound and lighting services for live events. Currently Marco is working with Stefilm as an IT consultant, post-production assistant and sound engineer.

Andrea Pierri // Vinylmaniafilm’s Editor
First Vinyl Record: Dreamtime – The Cult

andrea 03

Born in Italy in 1968, he graduated in Film & Video Directing at the UCLA, University of California Los Angeles. Editor, animator, director, he collaborated with reknown studios and production companies, both in Europe and in the Untited States. His works have been showcased at major international film festival and broadcast on several tv channels worldwide.

“I remember as a child listening to my mother’s record “Il Treno va”, by Richard Anthony. After almost 40 years, I’ve bought my first turntable.”

Fa Ventilato // Vinylmaniafilm’s Original Soundtrack
First Vinyl Record: Breakfast in America 7″ – Supertramp

Fa Ventilato is a New York based, music and sound artist with a creative spirited inspiring mind. His work, always within the variety of contemporary music, finds its way into film, performance, art installations, dance theater or conceptual pop albums as well.
Born 1967 in Altstätten, Switzerland, Ventilato started drumming at age ten. Attending different drum work shops for many years Ventilato is basically self-taught although he later did studies in jazz with Alberto Canonico and improvisation with Pierre Favre.
1996 he moves straight into the East Village of New York City connecting with its noise rock scene of the 90′. Two years later he retires from the drum scene only to merge into the world of home recording and experimental electronic music.
Exploring the art of sampling Ventilato develops a unique sensibility reflected in his making, choosing and combining sounds with rhythm into music or even ambient within any concept of its use.

Giorgia Fassiano // Vinylmaniafilm’s Production Assistant and Online Areas
First Vinyl Record: Alive / Once / Wash 12″ – Pearl Jam


Born in Turin in 1980, Giorgia obtained a B.A. in Philosophy in 2004 at the University of Turin with a thesis on artifical intelligence. Later she moved to Barcelona and worked for a commercial firm. After returning to Italy she worked as a proof reader for two publishing houses in Verona and Reggio Emilia. Giorgia’s now involved in Stefilm grooves as production assistant in Turin, Piedmont.

Julie D’Adamo // Vinylmaniafilm’s Production Assistant and Online Areas
First Vinyl Record: I Should Be So Lucky 7″ – Kylie Minogue


Born in London in 1984, Julie graduated in Film Studies and Italian from the University of Exeter, England, in 2007. Julie’s lived and worked in film distribution in both London and Prague. For the last two years she’s been living, working and getting deeper into the grooves with vinyl in Turin, Piedmont.

Daniele Ferrari // Vinylmaniafilm’s Online Areas
First Vinyl Record: 8:30 – Weather Report

foto daniele profilo3

Born in Correggio, a beautiful little town in Reggio Emilia, Daniele has a degree in Communication Studies and a Masters in the Production of Cinema, Television and Crossmedia Communication. In 2010 Daniele collaborated with Stefilm International in Turin where he was involved with the development of Vinylmania’s web communication and their principle social networks. He’s currently collaborating with Pongofilms production company, on the development of a variety of crossmedia projects. As a freelancer, Daniele also works as consultant on all things social media.

Edwin Stepp // Vinylmaniafilm’s across the pond friend and US coproducer
First Vinyl Record: Thick As a Brick – Jethro Tull

edwin and paolo

Edwin Stepp was born in a small town in North Carolina, USA in 1960. He studied computer science at North Carolina State University before finding his way into the marketing and advertising profession for the media industry, working first for a publishing firm, then in TV syndication and finally for the food industry. Tired of the corporate rat race and politics, he jumped at the opportunity to make much less money by producing documentary films. He now is director of development at Vision Media Productions, an independent documentary production company based in Pasadena, California, that specializes in historical films. As you can see by his wide girth, he has still been able to eat well despite his bad career decision.

Stefilm // Vinylmaniafilm’s Production Company
First Vinyl Record: 1984 12″ – Van Halen

Stefilm is one of the most prominent documentary film producers in Italy, founded by Stefano Tealdi, Elena Filippini and Edoardo Fracchia.

Stefilm’s productions, mostly developed with support from the European Union’s MEDIA Programme, are largely international coproductions. To date Stefilm has worked with more than 40 television networks across the globe, and with more than 50 partners, which include distributors, independent production companies and institutions.

Lato Sensu Productions// Vinylmaniafilm’s Co-Producer

Based in Lyon, Rhône-Alpes, Lato Sensu are our co-producers in France.