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Why Your Vinyl Record is Scratchy

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If you’ve been collecting vinyl records, you’ll eventually come across ones that have gaps or scratches in the middle of the record. Then, you’d probably blame the quality of the vinyl or the factory that produces them. However, most vinyl records have these imperfections because of what you’re not doing right. Here are a few reasons why your vinyl record isn’t playing smoothly.

It’s out of the jacket for too long

Every vinyl record comes with its jacket, and a lot of people would neglect these jackets. They’d put the records in a plastic album, or just expose them outside for too long. The most common mistake is leaving the vinyl record on the turntable after playing it. It should go straight back into the jacket once it’s done playing because dust can quickly accumulate on the surface when it doesn’t spin. You won’t be able to see the dust or dirt, but it’s there, and it will ruin your records.


You don’t clean them properly

You should never clean vinyl records with a regular cloth. Not even a microfibre cloth is adequate to clean it. There are special brushes designed for cleaning vinyl records sold in vinyl record stores. This is the only tool you should clean your vinyl with. You should also get the cleaning spray that you spray on before brushing the vinyl, as it removes dust and bacteria on the vinyl. Clean your vinyl records once every six months to maintain its lifespan and quality.

You’re stacking them

Vinyl records should be stored upright on a shelf, and not stacked on each other. This is because the added pressure can decrease the quality of the records, you might not see it, but it will, over time, bend. You should also keep the records from slanting, as this risks the vinyl records falling and end up stacking on each other. You can buy one of those shelf dividers for books to keep your vinyl records standing upright.



Top Benefits of Online Video Streaming

Top Benefits of Online Video Streaming

Is online video streaming your hobby? Well, if you love watching online, you will always want to ensure that you get the best. Technological stakeholders such as Mobdro has made it possible for us to get the most out of online video streaming. It is quite unfortunate that up to this era, there are people who still do not see the importance of online video streaming. If you fall into that category, then this article is made for you. The following are the many benefits that you will get if you choose the right online video streaming.

Instant Playback

Instant PlaybackOne of the many benefits that many people choose online video streaming is because of it the fact that they can watch whatever they want instantly. You do not have to wait before you get your favorite video playing. The technology has even made it possible for to move forward and backward anytime that you find it necessary.


Another reason why you should consider online video streaming the best option for you is that it is convenient. First, you have the choice of watching any kind of video that you love anytime that you want. Unlike when watching your tv, online streaming does not require that you have a satellite cable or anything like that. You just need to have a stable network, and everything will be well with you. You, however, need to ensure that you use your bandwidth wisely has that is one of the disadvantages associated with online video streaming.


Sometimes you feel stressed, and you want something that will keep you out of stress. You may try catching up a local program, but you may not get the enjoyment that you need. Watching online gives you a chance to watch any video that you will find interesting. To be precise, when it comes to online streaming, you are never limited to what you can watch.


padAnother good thing about online streaming is that you can use any device to connect to the internet and get to watch the whatever video that you want. This makes the whole experience even more wonderful because you can watch from any place that you are. It is also good to understand that some devices are known to make your bandwidth consumption high. Such kind of devices should be avoided as they are likely to make you spend more than you should.



Buying Guide for the Best RC Drift Car

rc car at race

Car racing is one of the popular sports that most people in the world love. Due to the advancement in technology, there have been the latest additions whereby the drifting cars are remotely controlled for fun. Both the professional and beginners use the drift RC cars because they have security measures installed to protect the users in all situations.

The features, qualities, and innovations on these drifting cars are up to the recommended standards. There are many options and varieties of RC drift cars to choose if you are planning to buy one. More information can be learned at the gettingstartedinrc website. You need to make a wise decision when buying the drift car, and the following are some of the aspects that you need to consider.

The Specified and Fixed Budget

rc carsWhen you buy the RC drifting car, you need to have a good budget that will guide you to choose a specific type. Drift cars have different prices depending on the features qualities, and the innovative aspects accompanied. First, you need to figure out the exact brand of drift car that you need and find out the appropriate price.

Planning a budget will help you to avoid overspending while you are at the store. You have to highlight the specific features that you need and plan for a reasonable price for your budget.

Understand the Functionality

Before you buy the drift car, you need to have basic information on how it is driven. The remote control features should be at your fingertips. This will help you choose the best type that you are comfortable with. You can research on the internet or contact the dealer for more information about the specific type that you need.

Ensure that all the qualities of the RC drift car are up to the required standards to provide you with the best experience. Additionally, understanding the functionality of the drift car will allow you to differentiate between a better drift car and one that is substandard.

The Motor of the Drift Car

You need to check on the motor of the drift car before you buy. There are two common types of motors, the brushed and the brushless. The performance of these motors differs from each other. For the brushed motor, it is the cheapest, but it gets the job done, although, they are not that fast compared to the brushless.

The brushless motor is very fast and efficient. This means that they can run for long in one single battery charge. However, the performance of the motor will define the price of the drift car you buy. Check the rating of the motors and choose the type that has the best performance that satisfies you.


rc drift carYou need to consider the battery life for the RC drift cars that you buy. The battery life determines the length you can operate the drift cars.

You need to choose a battery that is rechargeable for a short time or those that can be replaceable. The rating of the battery should be higher since the higher the voltage, the better the performance.…


Sports betting tips for beginner


When it comes to sports betting, it is important to learn the tips and strategy. Just like any form of betting, sports betting needs a strategy. If you are new to sports betting, then you might be hesitant on how to go about it. The good news is that there are some things that you can do to stay ahead of the completion. When it comes to sports betting, you need to choose a reputable betting site, that gives you the opportunity to do your betting safely.

Here are some tips on sports betting

How to master sports betting

Learn the language

Just like any other form of betting, sports betting has its lingo. You need to learn the language that will help you in making decisions when betting. There are various terms like fixed odds, sports wager, and other terms. By understanding these terms, you will not have any problems when navigating the betting website or even when discussing sports betting with your friends. Most of the sports betting websites will provide you with a glossary that will help you in learning the sports betting lingo.


Set a budget

It is important to approach sports betting responsibly. One of the ways of betting responsibly is by setting a budget. With a good budget, you will determine how much you are willing to dedicate to betting. When setting a budget for betting, remember to put aside money that you can afford to lose. You should avoid putting money that you are planning to use for basic needs like rent or any other important things.

Put records

Putting records is important when it comes to betting. You should learn to put your records well so that you can determine your progress. For instance, if you predicted a win, then you will be able to do what you do wrong. On the other hand, you can use your records to learn from your mistakes, and this is a very important aspect of the betting process. All the records should be kept clear for future reference.


Master your strategies

When it comes to betting, sometimes there are no rules on how to do it right. Betting is a personal affair, and you need to identify what works for you. Your strategies might look weird to someone else, but if they work for you, then that is all that you need.…


The Role of Music Mastering Services

playing piano music

The main business of a musician should be to produce quality music that sounds professional in all ways. This is not always easy, which brings music mastering engineers to the picture. You have been spending your time recording your music to the best of your ability. When you compare them with those of your competitors, you will realize that something is not good enough. Audio mastering services are the missing link that will take your music to another level.

Role of an audio mastering engineer

Eliminate inconsistencies

music services

After spending many hours recording music, you might realize that your tracks lack some sonic continuity. Since most artists do not have what it takes to address these shortfalls, one of the primary responsibilities of a mastering engineer is to ensure the flow between tracks feels right. These professionals have both the skillset and toolset to ensure your mixes are consistent and professional.

Most mixes have an inherent wound, which is often characterized by an occasional lip smack, mic pop, and squirrel burp among other issues. Ideally, such issues have the effect of running an otherwise pleasant experience. If your tracks have some of these inconsistencies, you need to find a lasting solution to these discrepancies.

Songs sound great on different devices

If you have a song, you need to have something that sounds great irrespective of where it played. You might have realized that your mixes sound different whenever they are played on different devices. If this is the case, you need to have them harmonized to make the sound great whenever they are played. The best way to go about this is to enlist the services of professional audio mastering services.

Cohesion and sequencing

mixesMastering an album is somewhat different from mastering an album. Ideally, the mastering engineer is tasked with the responsibility if compiling and sequencing the songs. The engineer will also help you pick the right volume for your tracks, which ensures there is some consistency in the playlist. Moreover, the engineer ensures that there is a balance of treble, middle, and bass sounds from one track to the other without interfering with the natural balance of each song.

Ideally, mixing mastering is the final touch needed to take your mixes to the next level. If you need to have these job done, it is advisable to enlist the services of mastering engineer.



Know the Benefits of Playing the Piano


Apart from just having fun or playing to earn a living, there are several other physical and mental health benefits. Basically, the piano is a tool for expressing musical and instrumental creativity while having fun and joy. It has been proven scientifically that playing piano has several physical and health implication on the players. It is in the public domain that a piano player who has regular sessions has high chances of having a healthy brain, healthy body and living a healthy life. If you want to go for ways to enhance your life, it is good to do so by playing the keys. Everyone can learn how to play the piano because all musical instruments require practice and mastery of the craft. If you are an avid piano player or you want to learn to play the keys, you are on the right track check out

The benefits of playing the piano

Strong hand muscles

playing pianoOne of the top benefits of playing the piano is that you get to strengthen your hand muscles. A good pianist should have strong, flexible wrist and nimble fingers so that he can switch the keys for a long time and adequately. This requires you to keep practicing the piano on daily basis to improve your efficiency. This, in turn, helps to improve the strength of your hand muscles. Therefore, you will not get hurt easily when you strain your hands during exercises or handling heavy materials. You will also improve your typing ability because you be used with switching from key to on the keyboard or piano.

Improve your memory

Mastering the keys of the piano is not a walk in the park. You need to do regular practice which involves a lot of memorizing. Scientists have ascertained that frequent playing of the piano helps to enhance the neurons in your brain. The more the neurons, the more you have an active memory storage. Neurons are used in the transmission of information from the brain to the other body organs. Particular neurons help to store data for a long term or short term. This is usually referred as storage neurons. When you master or the keys and play them by even closing your eyes helps you to develop the habit of storing stuff in long-term memory. Thus, your becomes are store for information.

Hand-Eye coordination

All pianist learn how to play the keys by first seeing them and pressing them to produce the sound. Everyone needs the fingers and the eyes to lay the key adequately. Both hands can play different sets of keys depending on what the eyes see. Therefore, you can coordinate the hands and eye at the same time. If you do not remember the notes correctly, you need to have a look and press the keys that you have memorized to make a rhythm. Regular practice makes you have a pretty good hand-eye coordination.

Improves split Concentration

piano photoA pianist requires using both hands to produce a progressive and sensible rhythm. For beginners, it might not be easy for you to play properly but as time goes by you will get used. Playing piano is like typing using the computer keyboard. For one to type quickly, you need to use both hands. Eventually, your ability for split concentration improves, and it becomes a part of you.…


Stunt Scooters – how they make the world a fun place


Any person must have come across stunt scooters in their teenage or younger ages. These mobility devices are mostly used in the estates and college grounds by the youngsters who are looking for both mobility and having fun at the same time. It is common to see the youngsters compete in the estate during their free time especially over the weekend and the holidays. Buying the finest stunt scooter for beginners is a great idea if your kid has just attained the age of handling one. The highlights below mentions how these devices make the world a fun place.

How stunt scooters make the world a fun place

What are stunt scooters?

fghdfgdfgdfgfdgdfgThese are scooters that go an extra mile than just provide transportation. They are flexible and usually have the ability to do stunts by seasoned scooter riders. This is a fun activity which people do for fun during their free times either in college, estate or a recreational park. Such scooters are very stable and strong to handle the pressure and strain resulting from various stunt moves that people make with them.

Why stunt scooters are fun

Whether you choose a stunt scooter for beginners, intermediary or the pro category, you can rest assured to get a lot of fun. Every time we visit the recreational parks, we find people gathered to watch some experts do their things. Stunt scooter riding creates such attention when a pro is making such moves. Beginners can learn within a short time on how to make their own creative stunt moves.

They entertain people wherever they go and at the same time express their creativity and talents. Most youngsters have interesting ideas that can entertain both their fellow mates and the old generation alike. According to research, there are numerous creative stunt moves that scooter users can make depending on their creativity and how well they have trained.

Apart from the entertainment and shows, the scooters are also a great chance for youngsters to do keep fit through exercises and activities. As they ride them and makes various moves, the body burns fat and extra calories from the junk food they eat. Therefore, the holiday becomes a proactive place for the young people.

Socializing is another benefit that comes with stunt scooter riding. The young people can make friends from different neighborhoods and even states. They learn to live with their abilities and shortfalls which is a significant boost on their social lives.

Buying the best stunt scooters



After seeing how crucial this mobility device is to a teenager or kids at large, then it is high time that parents buy one for their kids. One of the factors to consider is the category their want. Those who have already owned one before may want one which is advanced while the beginner’s option is also available.
It is important to consider the material that makes both the wheels, the bars, and the handles. The main characteristic that should come out is the durability to last long.

Further, a durable scooter will rarely cause accidents as it is stable. Price also matters since the cheap options may have compromised quality while the high-end scooters remain the best.…


How to choose the right Kelowna wedding photographer


Studies show that people in Kelowna spend millions of dollars every year on weddings. It is because they know that it is one of the most important events in their lives, and they only have one chance to get it right. Because of this, they will set up planning committees, and hold countless meetings just to make sure that the day is a success. Among the many things that are likely to be discussed in those committee meetings is the need to hire a kelowna wedding photographer. They will be looking for the perfect way to record the best images from the event, and preserve them. Several years down the line, you will still want to look at the pictures, and remember the thrilling moments that you went through.

We have selected the following tips to help you choose the right photographer for your upcoming wedding.

Experience in photographing various types of weddings

kjfkjf8There are many types of weddings that people hold in Kelowna. For example, there are some that prefer to go for destination events while others want church events. There also are those that prefer garden locations. Regardless of your type, you need to make sure that the photographer has experience in it. This is because different types of locations require different types of photography. You will find out that while there are those that require additional lighting, there are somewhere the natural light will be sufficient. It takes an experienced photographer to understand this.

The right photography equipment

From the cameras to the stands and lenses, you have to make sure that the wedding photographer has what it takes to capture high-quality pictures. If someone promises you the best services, but they do not have the right equipment, they definitely are misleading you. A look at the most sought-after professionals in this area shows that they have invested in the latest equipment, and they keep upgrading them just so that they can counter any new challenges based on the ever-changing needs of their customers. In addition to that, they will provide the best photography booths just in case they are needed.

Meet them in advance

kfkff985You may think that the wedding photographer already knows what you want, but this is not always the case. It is true that with experience, they are certain to understand the needs of their customers. However, you will find out that these needs keep changing. There are unique aspects related to your wedding, and therefore, you have to talk to the photographer about them. Meet them in advance and outlay the types of services you are looking for. If they can commit to delivering them, you can be sure of the best photos.

One of the best things about searching for a wedding photographer is that you are always sure to find one. With so many reliable professionals out there, all that you need to do is to identify one that has the best services based on your unique needs, and the type of wedding that you anticipate.




Choosing An Online Video Streaming Service


The proliferation of fast internet in every part of the country makes it easy for internet users to stream content online. Many businesses have come to terms with this reality, and they now offer video streaming services in place of video rental and other alternative options. The ease of making online payments is also another contributing factor to this new phenomenon, mostly in the developed world. Thankfully, all one needs is a means to connect to the internet and a working subscription. Unfortunately, some people end up with subscriptions that do not suit them since they lack their favorite programs and some features that would transform their edutainment experience. In that regard, here are tips for choosing the best online video streaming service.

Selecting an online video streaming service

Check the billing structure


Not all online video streaming services bill in the same way. Some will bill you per hour of use and others will allow you to watch advertisements so that you can continue watching a preferred video without payment. The streaming services you access might be from different countries. They have different business rules and legislation to follow, and this might affect their business model. Therefore, it is always a good thing to look at the billing structure and ascertain all the terms. Some services might have extra charges for viewing special live events online.

Check the content catalog

Nowadays, the most competitive factor of a streaming service online is the content available for watching. Some streaming services will specialize on a range of networks that offer content to subscribers. Others will provide content across the board. There are also streaming services that dedicate their options to specific events or types of TV shows. Consider looking at what you want and matching it with what the service provider offers. Failure to follow this simple step when choosing an online video streaming service could cause you to have many subscriptions at the same time. Such an eventuality will occur when you take a new subscription every time you need a unique content that is not available in the current one.

Check the user interface and multi-user support

snlkavaslkdnvlksadvnlsakdnvlksandlkvnasvsadMore people are looking for options to manage their subscriptions as televisions become smart and streaming becomes the preferred way to deliver video content to the home and mobile devices. A useful feature of the service for a family would be to allow each member to select, curate, and view content without interfering with the experience of other family users. Some providers allow simultaneous streaming across devices. Others let users share one device by using different user profiles that all attach to the same subscriptions. You can pick the video streaming option that works for you by checking its user interface and its support for several users.

The article gives you three major concerns that you should examine when you want to pick an online video streaming service. The pervasiveness of the technology and the means of accessing the service are likely to cloud your judgment on what service is the best. Nonetheless, these three points should give you an upper hand. The three concerns mentioned above will confer to you the proper mindset for evaluating a set of choices of video streaming services on the internet.…



VINYLMANIA May Screenings
by Vinylmania
After a jam packed April, Vinylmania is looking towards May! Take a look at next months confirmed screenings so you can find the closest to you –

DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver. May 8, 2012.

Planete Doc Review in Warsaw, Poland. May 11-20, 2012. The film will be part of the Music Doc Competition. OXDOX, UK Documentary Film season screening. 20 May,

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Happy RSD to you!
by Vinylmania
Celebrate Record Store Day with Vinylmania – the OFFICIAL Record Store Day Film 2012 – Saturday April 21, 2012!

In occasion of the special day screenings of the film have been taking place all over Europe this week and in US colleges. In Europe two further screenings are programmed for this special weekend: Le Nouveau Latina, Paris. 20 April, 2012 Italian Cultural Institute, Stockholm. 22nd April 2012 Click here to see where Vinylmania is screening in the US – in collaboration with RSD!

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Special Edition DVD in our hands!
by Vinylmania
The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – the Vinylmania Special Edition DVD is ready! Don’t believe us? Seeing is believing and here is a picture for you! Keep an eye on the vinylmania fanpage to learn where you can get your hands on the official film of Record Store Day 2012! Vinylmania special edition double dvd>

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VINYLMANIA hits the USA in collaboration with RSD
by Vinylmania
We are finally in the month of Record Store Day! In collaboration with Record Store Day, Vinylmania is being screened around a host of US colleges this April. Click here to view the list so far!

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VINYLMANIA April Screenings
by Vinylmania
We are finally in the month of Record Store Day! Take a look at our April screenings so you can find the closest to you –

Chicago Int. Music Festival, USA. April 14, 2012

Rough Trade, London, 18 April, 2012.

Cinema Massimo, Turin. 18 April, 2012

Nouveau Latina, Paris. 20 April, 2012 with Philippe Cohen Solal special guest + DJ set Philippe/P.Campana

Italian Cultural Institute, Stockholm. 22 April, 2012

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VINYLMANIA FILM SCREENING at Rough Trade East In-store!
by Vinylmania
Waiting for Record Store Day 2012, we are very happy to announce that Vinylmania will screen on Wednesday 18th April at 7pm at Rough Trade East In-store.

Have a look to this link to discover something more. See you in London, Vinylmaniacs!

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Vinylmania at Goteborg film Festival: web TV interview the director Paolo Campana
by Vinylmania
The director Paolo Campana and the producer of vinylmania, Edoardo Fracchia interviewed by the Goteborg International Film festival Television…

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We are the Official Film of Record Store Day 2012!!
by Vinylmania
It is true! And we are ecstatic and honoured to be RSD’s official film of 2012. Check out their website for more on Record Store Day 2012, including the appointment of their 2012 ambassador, Iggy Pop!

“Vinylmania is a sheer joy to watch. It successfully taps into the cultural explosion surrounding the resurgence of vinyl but it is also about the passion and love of music. Every musician and serious music fan will want to see it.�? Michael Kurtz, Record Store Day

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It’s time to buy tickets for the Festival!
by Vinylmania

Vinylmania: When life runs at 33 revolutions per minute (Paolo Campana, 75�?, 2011) will screen at the Goteborg Film Festival on 28th, 29th and 30th January, 2012. Go to this link tobuy the tickets on line. See you there, Vinylmaniacs!

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by Vinylmania
We are delighted to announce that Vinylmania: When life runs at 33 revolutions per minute (Paolo Campana, 75�?, 2011) will screen at the Goteborg Film Festival on 28th, 29th and 30th January, 2012.

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