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There are just 2 days left to donate towards the creation of our special edition dvd via our website. In return we'll give you a gift - the special double DVD edition of the film PLUS a collector's edition postcard signed by Vinylmania's director, Paolo Campana (shipping costs included)! Click on the "Donate" button above to book your copy!


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Thank you to everyone who has supported our Vinylmania campaign so far! The last time I glanced Kickstarter (so 5 seconds ago) we were at $1,566 with 33 backers. We have 41 days to go so it's a great start though we need to keep our pedal on the gas! Dedicated to our Kickstarter backers here is a video gift for you. It's small preview of what is to come on the special edition double DVD bonus materials. Please spread the word and support our Kickstarter campaign!! Vinylmania Kickstarter Banner

Calling for Vinylmaniac translators!!

by Vinylmania

Help us bring our new documentary Vinylmania to your lounge wherever you are! We are looking for translators to help translate the film so we can bring it to your country. In return, we’ll put you in the end credits of the film and give you 3 copies of the dvd for you and your friends!

If you’re interested in helping us with this very special enterprise, write us at:

Vinylmania is coming… Lets prepare your needles guys!!