Tokyo, 17 April


Record Store Day at Disk Union8

Record Store Day at Disk Union5

Record Store Day at Disk Union6 Record Store Day at Disk Union4

Record Store Day at Disk Union4 IMG_4175

Disk Union is a big record store chain in Tokyo. Each store has its own specialty. In this quarter near Shinjuku station there are 6 stores. One of these has 5 floors! On the last floor the vinyl record is king of the sales as Record Store Day swings on!

Celebrating Record Store Day at Disc Shop Zero is DJ G.Rina. A DJ and producer she hooks the eyes of her customers with her records and her new 7″ promo single.

IMG_4188 IMG_4220

I never thought I’d say this but… too much vinyl? Believe me I’ve got a serious case of indigestion! Now I have to dedicate myself to the Japanese gastronomy… like Nabe.

IMG_4196 IMG_4190

After dinner I’m back on the vinyl bandwagon and head to one of the trendiest nights in Tokyo. Tonight it’s Routine Jazz an event with a tasty selection of “electric jazz” and bossa nova with Key Kobayashi and other selected DJs… amazing music but the club is too dark. No photos!! If you’re curious to see come here for yourself! Come and dance and feel free…

Organ Bar

2 thoughts on “Tokyo, 17 April

  1. awesome. I need to get to Japan myself! What’s the starting price for a vinyl record out there?

  2. You can find good records starting from 100 ¥ (second hand Japanese or international pop) to 2500 ¥ and they generally are in good condition. The average price for a good jazz record, pop-rock, funk or elettronic, if it’s not rare, is between 400 and 1500 ¥ (around 3-9 Euros). I bought two first albums of Japan, original Japanese editions (VG+) 750 ¥ each. The new LP isssue or reissue, can vary in price from to 1200 ¥ to 2500 ¥. But you can find less expensive good reissue! At the moment if you live in Europe, the exchange rate is favourable and Japan is a good market for buying.

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